The Fountainhead

With out a doubt the most influential book I’ve ever read….I just completed my second reading in May 2010…Ayn Rand does an incredible job with this story and characters in illustrating her philosophy. The first time I read this work was over 20 years ago (about 1985)…I was changed at that time and a second reading in 2010 found me understanding her ideas at a deeper level.…the idea of “self-integrity” (my words) is a most beautiful and empowering vision…I especially enjoyed Ayn’s contrasting characters and dialogue as she crafts the pertinent points of her ideas …a novel worth reading and considering in our word of today,,,


About Harry Hopkins III

I'm an explorer, dreamer and a head and Heart are in the feet are on the ground...I'm an optimistic/open minded/forward looking/thinker...with a romantic old fashion style...
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