Cro-Magnon by Brian Fagan

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Brian Fagan’s latest work. I don’t have formal training in paleontology, but I do enjoy reading a broad range of popular work on science and Cro-Magnon fills an area I’ve often been curious about but have never had the opportunity to delve deeper. Though out the book, Dr. Fagan’s enthusiasm and objective analysis held my fascination as he uses the latest research and informed speculation to paint the most current view science can offer of these early humans. The book also gives a great intro to prehistoric history as science currently understands, by detailing the latest scientific knowledge and techniques. Many of these detailed essays of current knowledge areas are broken out (many with diagrams) and placed appropriately within given sections of the book. I liked how the first half of the book contrasts the Neanderthal with the Cro-Magnon. This approach provided insights into both hominids. Dr. Fagan also started many of his chapters with a vivid description and account of a possible moment in the life of Cro-Magnons. From this vivid image he delved into the specific topic making it very understandable and more meaningful. A excellent popular science book on a topic not always so available. Highly recommended!


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