Sitting Bull, Prisoner of War by Dennis Pope

An eye opening multifaceted/factual account of a sometimes misunderstood American icon. This work covers the period of Sitting Bull’s surrender to American forces in July of 1881 till his release from custody in 1883. A time period not well investigated by other Sitting Bull biographers. Mr. Pope combs through the available documentation and first-person accounts and synthesizes a straightforward readable narrative that dispels many misunderstood accounts of events sometimes perpetuated by TV and movies. At times the reading may seem a bit routine in its clear and accurate statement of the facts, but with patience the reader gleams a more deeper understanding of Chief Sitting Bull’s state of mind at the time, as well as the context of the time period of his incarceration. The book illuminates the human side of Sitting Bull and the people connected to him in this unsettling time of change in American history. This work also gives a great case history exploring the complexity and issues regarding the treatment of Native Americans in the 1880’s. I recommend this for those interested in Native American and/or American Western history.


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