Convergence (The Ordinals) by Joseph Gellene

A good first novel! I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the Robert Heinlein short story “By His Bootstraps” and the novel “The Man Who Folded Himself” by David Gerrold. I found the characters interesting enough and the plot very engaging so that I read the novel in just two days. The work features an action, adventure, mystery with all the features of a good time travel story. Mr. Gellene entertains by showing the unusually problems of time travelers in his story and hints of an overarching organization that keeps history coherent. I hope this might be the first of a series of stories so we can learn about the general background of this time traveling universe. I recommend this work to all science fiction readers, and especially to time travel wonks like me. (  )

About Harry Hopkins III

I'm an explorer, dreamer and a head and Heart are in the feet are on the ground...I'm an optimistic/open minded/forward looking/thinker...with a romantic old fashion style...
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